Hello and welcome to the Information-Seeking Behaviours of Fanfiction Communities Questionnaire!

My dissertation is researching how fanfiction readers and writers search, tag, and find the content they want on fanfiction websites and whether these information-seeking behaviours are applicable to the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec's (BAnQ) OverDrive catalogue.

By taking part in this questionnaire you are confirming that you read and/or write fanfiction.

The questionnaire should take: approximately 30 mins

The questionnaire will close: August 2, 2021 noon EST

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The final research results will potentially be released in academic articles.



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Researcher: Emily Faulkner

Dissertation: The information-seeking behaviours of fanfiction communities and their applicability to the BAnQ's OverDrive catalogue.

Advisor: Simon Burnett

Course of study: MSc Information & Library Studies

University: Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen (RGU)



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